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Newstead Town Court

The Newstead Town Court is located on Clarence Center Road in the town of Newstead, New York. The town of Newstead is located in Erie County, New York.

Newstead is one of the 932 towns in New York. It is a rural town with a population of approx. 8,594 as at the 2010 census. It is the most northeastern town in Erie country, located northeast of Buffalo, in the village of Akron as its principal community. The name Newstead is believed to have stemmed from Newstead Abbey in England.

Newstead as a rural community devotes over 40% of its area to agriculture. Agriculture has been the heritage of the town since its founding in 1823. It was originally known as the Town of Erie during its inception but was later changed in 1831 to Newstead.

Newstead town has a total area of 51.05 square miles of which 0.56%, that is, 0.29 square miles, is water.

The Town of Newstead is governed by the Town Board which consists of the Town Supervisor and four Councilman. As a second town, the board is limited to just five members. The Town Board as a group is comparable in its executive duties to the City or Village Mayor, and a state Governor.

Newstead has several attractions that are sure to delight you. Some of these includes:

Akron Park

Akron park is one of the great places that attract visitors all year round with its fishing ponds, walking trails and picnicking trails.

Bike Path and Walking Trails

Newstead has a bike path that goes from Akron Village to the town line at Clarence.

Other attraction sites include; Darien Lake which is an amusement park located a few miles southeast of Newstead, Campgrounds (Sleepy Hollow Lake and Leisurewood Recreational Community), several Golf Courses, Octagon House, Knight Sutton Museum, etc.

Newstead Town Court personnel are prohibited by law from providing you with any legal advice.  They will attempt to guide you through the process; but if you have legal concerns, you should seek the advice of counsel.

Advantages of Hiring A Local Attorney

The John C. Nelson law firm receives calls from attorneys across New York State asking me to ‘cover’ a traffic ticket for him or her. This is because not all traffic tickets can be handled by mail. Most of the time, I can appear on my client’s behalf or even handle the matter by mail, but sometimes courts require the attorney to be present in court. For example the courts of Limestone, Perry or the Village of Ellicottville can not be handled by mail, attorney must be present.

When you hire an attorney from New York City to appear on a traffic ticket that was issued hours away from the big city, they call a local attorney, such as the John C. Nelson law firm.

Sometimes the big city attorney calls the local prosecutor who offers a plea to a points violation instead of a parking ticket. The big city attorneys that advertise on the the TV, radio and internet are many hours away and have no interest in taking the case to trial and can’t argue motions.

It’s more advantages to hire a local attorney, who knows the law, the locale and can be present at the local court, when needed.

Did you receive a ticket in Newstead Town Court?

In most instances in life, the more points you get, the better it is. However, that’s not the case when it comes to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles issuing points on your license for certain types of traffic violation convictions. When it comes to a clean driving record, you don’t want any points or as few as possible. Having points on your license can increase your automobile insurance, it can prevent you from having certain jobs that requires you to drive and it could lead to license suspension or revocation.

The New York Vehicle and Traffic Law section 1180 deals with speed limits and lays out the consequences imposed by a court upon a conviction. The fine that a court may assess is based upon the specific traffic violation stated on the issued ticket, the speeding infraction, and the number of previous convictions.


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