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Alfred New York is a small town in Allegany County that’s home to Alfred University. With any college town, there are lots of students, faculty, staff, parents and local resident that drive on the local roads. County roads 10, 11, 12 and 42 all pass through the Town of Alfred. Whether you just got your license and your a freshman student at the University or a long time resident, you may find yourself pulled over and ticketed for a traffic violation. If you received a DWI charge recently, contact the John C. Nelson law firm today to speak to an experienced Alfred NY DWI lawyer.

Something as common as a reckless driving ticket is worth attorney representation, as you face mandatory financial consequences of a negative driving history. If you end of with points on your license as a result of a traffic ticket, you may end up paying more for your auto insurance as well. You could also face a license suspension if you have too many negative points on your personal driving record. In New York State a license may be suspended for having too many points in an 18-month period.

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Contact a local attorney that has an local knowledge of the court system. We are an experienced law firm that focuses on four practice areas; traffic defense, DWI, criminal defense and civil litigation. People that choose to represent themselves, often miss important deadlines, lose documents and waste hours gathering evidence and preparing for their case. Hiring a local attorney: New York City is not Western New York. Contact an Alfred NY Traffic Lawyer who handles these violations every day and will fight on your behalf for the best possible outcome.

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The results of any given traffic violation in New York State can potentially be very sever. Depending on the traffic violation and how many violations you have been charged with, the outcome can result in negative points, fines and fees and even jail time. In New York State if you have 5 points or more from a traffic violation, that is considered a serious driving offense. Anyone with 6 points or more on their personal driving record, will be classified as a bad driver by the state of New York and will be required to pay a $100 fine every year for 3 years to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Anyone working with an experience Alfred NY DWI Lawyer, such as John C. Nelson will have the opportunity of lowering or possible avoiding the potential negative outcome of a traffic violation.

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