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Arcade NY is a great place to live and work. It is generally a safe and family-friendly community. But sometimes even a beautiful Sunday drive with the family can turn into a negative experience. Being pulled over by a police car with their lights flashing can be an embarrassing experience to start with. Some people find out, that being pulled over was the just the beginning of a long and expensive ordeal with a town court. Hiring an Arcade NY Traffic Lawyer can help alleviate the stress that comes with going to court and dealing with a traffic violation.

A common citation such as a following too closely ticket is worthy of lawyer representation, as you face expensive fines and the possibility of your insurance rates increasing. If you get points on your  license, your vehicle insurance rates could go up. Insurance companies have their own polices of assessing rate hikes from negative driving records, contact them to learn more about their own policies on negative driving points. You may even face a license suspension, for too many points on your license. Your license could be suspended for accumulating multiple negative points in a short period of time, such as 18 months.

Why Choose an Arcade NY Traffic Lawyer?

As an Arcade NY Traffic Lawyer law firm, we have the local court knowledge needed to give your case an edge. In addition, our small firm allows us to give your case personal attention.  Working with the John C. Nelson Law Firm will take the stress of getting a ticket away from you. We are an experienced law firm that focuses on traffic defense. Representing yourself can often lead to missed court dates, lost paperwork and  hours wasted looking for evidence and preparing for a court appearance. Find out why it’s best to hire a local attorney here.

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Hiring a local lawyer to fight your traffic ticket can lower or possible avoid any potential negative outcomes form a traffic violation. The results of traffic violations in New York State can potentially be very sever. Depending on the charges, the outcome may result in negative points, jail time and/or fines. View the number of points assigned for common traffic violations in New York State. Choose the law firm the has dedicated their practice to traffic violations. Contact Arcade NY traffic lawyer John C. Nelson today for a free case evaluation.

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