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Belmont Village Court
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Belmont, NY 148137
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Belmont Village Court

Belmont Village Court is located on Schuyler Street in the village of Belmont, New York. The village of Belmont is located in Allegany County, New York.

The Village of Belmont is part of the Town of Amity in the Allegany County of New York, United States. The village is a rural area with residents reaching just about a thousand and is located about 3 miles south of the Interstate 86. It is Allegany County’s county seat which means that you will be able to find majority of the county’s departments, office buildings and courts within Belmont’s village limits.

A number of attractions can be found in the village. Some of which is the Allegany County Museum located in Court Street, the Literary & Historical Free Library at the Willets Avenue and the Belmont Community Lanes there at Schuyler Street. Other tourist sites of the village include the Genesee River Falls, Fountain Art Center, Signs & Wonder Studio and Horn Room, all of which are located conveniently at Schuyler Street.

There are also a number of businesses the village has which can cater to a wide range of your needs. There is the Beckman Antiques if you are looking for used merchandise, Aaron Cline’s Tent Rental for equipment rental and leasing, Affordable Computer Service for computer services, Criss Market, Country View Crafts, Buffalo Creek Products and more.

As for parks, there is the American Legion Park, Wil-Mac Park and the Park Circle. There are also restaurants you can dine in such as The Belvidere, Little Italy Pizza, All America Plazas and The Coffee Meal among others. All over the village, there are also a number of Congregations and Schools such as the First Baptist Church, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Allegany County Episcopal, United Methodist Church and Genesis Bible Church.

For the schools, there is the Genesee Valley Central School located at 1 Jaguar Drive while the Angelica Campus is at the 21 East Main Street. There is also the Boces Career & Technical Center at the Angelica Road. These are among the places you can get to in the Village of Belmont at the Town of Amity in New York.

Belmont Village Court personnel are prohibited by law from providing you with any legal advice.  They will attempt to guide you through the process; but if you have legal concerns, you should seek the advice of counsel.

Advantages of Hiring A Local Attorney

The John C. Nelson law firm receives calls from attorneys across New York State asking me to ‘cover’ a traffic ticket for him or her. This is because not all traffic tickets can be handled by mail. Most of the time, I can appear on my client’s behalf or even handle the matter by mail, but sometimes courts require the attorney to be present in court. For example the courts of Limestone, Perry or the Village of Ellicottville can not be handled by mail, attorney must be present.

When you hire an attorney from New York City to appear on a traffic ticket that was issued hours away from the big city, they call a local attorney, such as the John C. Nelson law firm.

Sometimes the big city attorney calls the local prosecutor who offers a plea to a points violation instead of a parking ticket. The big city attorneys that advertise on the the TV, radio and internet are many hours away and have no interest in taking the case to trial and can’t argue motions.

It’s more advantages to hire a local attorney, who knows the law, the locale and can be present at the local court, when needed.

Did you receive a ticket in Belmont Village Court?

In most instances in life, the more points you get, the better it is. However, that’s not the case when it comes to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles issuing points on your license for certain types of traffic violation convictions. When it comes to a clean driving record, you don’t want any points or as few as possible. Having points on your license can increase your automobile insurance, it can prevent you from having certain jobs that requires you to drive and it could lead to license suspension or revocation.

The New York Vehicle and Traffic Law section 1180 deals with speed limits and lays out the consequences imposed by a court upon a conviction. The fine that a court may assess is based upon the specific traffic violation stated on the issued ticket, the speeding infraction, and the number of previous convictions.



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