My pages frequently discuss that I only practice DUI/DWI, Traffic and Criminal Defense in limited counties. There is a reason why I don’t travel to areas I don’t know. It is of the UTMOST importance to know the local courts, the local district attorneys and the local judges. An attorney traveling three hours from four counties away is a stranger and receives stranger treatment.

Frequently, I receive calls from attorneys across New York State asking me to ‘cover’ a traffic ticket for him or her. Why is that…Because not all traffic tickets can be handled by mail. In many, if not most situations, I can appear on my client’s behalf or even handle the matter by mail, but sometimes courts require the attorney to be present in court. A Court like Limestone, Perry or the Village of Ellicottville can’t be handled by mail.

What does an attorney from Brooklyn do when he has to appear on a $350 ticket seven hours away? He calls a local attorney who knows the rules of the local court.

In another scenario, the New York City attorney calls the local prosecutor who offers a plea to a points violation and not a parking ticket. What is that attorney to do? He is seven hours away. He can’t take it to trial. He can’t argue motions.

So what is the moral of the story? Hire a local, knowledgeable attorney who knows the law and the locale.