How to Find the Best Speeding Ticket Lawyer in the Town of Cherry Creek NY

Have Experienced Local Attorneys Fight Your Speeding Ticket.

Q. I just got pulled over and received a speeding ticket in the town of Cherry Creek in Chautauqua County, New York. Can you help me?

A. Yes, that’s what we do. Our local lawyers have represented many people in Chautauqua County and will fight the ticket on your behalf.

Q. Where is Cherry Creek Town Court located?

A. 6845 Main Street Route 83
Cherry Creek, NY 14723

Q. What is unique to Cherry Creek, New York?

A. Cheese factories and canning factories were built in Cherry Creek, NY to provide labor for a growing community. The modern day wood splitter was invented in Cherry Creek New York.

About Our Firm: Instead of offering a long list of legal services, John C. Nelson decided long ago to focus on four important areas of law; Traffic Defense, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI or DUI), Criminal and Civil Litigation. If you have been charged with a traffic offense, you are going to want a strong legal representation from a local lawyer who knows and understands the local courts and New York State laws. We understands that visitors to New York who may be just passing through sometimes get a speeding ticket and need to find an expert traffic defense lawyer with local experience.

If you are traveling through New York State and need a reliable and trustworthy traffic defense lawyer, call the Nelson Law Firm. We have local experience, combined with the local knowledge necessary to smooth the way for your legal defense. Save time, money and points on your license, when you work with the Nelson Law Firm.

Q. Aren’t all lawyers the same.  Why should I hire a Local law firm?

A. When you work with The Nelson Law Firm, you can expect to be treated fairly and with respect. We practice solely on Traffic Defense, DWI, Criminal and Civil representation in Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Allegany and Erie Counties of New York State. Clients enjoy working with The Nelson Law Firm for several reasons:

  • Responsiveness – Phone calls are answered and returned promptly.
  • Availability – Whenever you need a traffic defense lawyer, John is available to you.
  • Honesty – No false promises and you will be advised of all potential outcomes.
  • Integrity – John uses his best legal knowledge and skills to obtain the best outcome.

Q. What is the point system in New York State?


ViolationsPoints Fines (Min.-Max.) Jail Time (Min.-Max.)
Speeding with miles
per hour over the posted
limit specified (listed below)
1 – 103$45 – $1500 days
11 – 304$90 – $3000 – 15 days
31 – 408$180 – $6000 – 30 days
Over 4011$180 – $6000 – 30 days
Reckless Driving5$100 – $3000 – 30 days
Use Cell Phone/ Texting5$50 – $2000 days
Failing to Move Over for Emergency Vehicle3$0 – $2750 – 15 days

Our firm can be found representing clients throughout Chautauqua County including but not limited to Arkwright Traffic Court, Brocton Traffic Court, Busti Traffic Court, Carroll Traffic Court, Charlotte Traffic Court, Chautauqua Traffic Court, Cherry Creek Traffic Court, Clymer Traffic Court, Dunkirk Traffic Court, Ellery Traffic Court, Ellicott Traffic Court, Ellington Traffic Court, Fredonia Traffic Court, French Creek Traffic Court, Gerry Traffic Court, Hanover Traffic Court, Harmony Traffic Court, Kiantone Traffic Court, Mina Traffic Court, North Harmony Traffic Court, Poland Traffic Court, Pomfret Traffic Court, Portland Traffic Court, Ripley Traffic Court, Sheridan Traffic Court, Sherman Traffic Court, Silver Creek Traffic Court, Stockton Traffic Court, Villenova Traffic Court, Westfield Traffic Court

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We help people throughout New York state and are based in Ellicottville, NY. We serve Cattaraugus Chautauqua and Allegany Counties. If you need to fight your charges professionally, contact us for a fee case evaluation.

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