New Hudson Town Court

New Hudson Town Court
8561 County Road 41
Black Creek, NY 14714

New Hudson Town Court

New Hudson Town Court is located on County Road in the town of Black Creek, New York. The town of New Hudson is located in Allegany County, New York.

Located in the western border of Allegany County, New Hudson is also to the northeast of Olean. New Hudson was first settled by Joseph Patterson and John Spencer who both settled in the town’s northwest part in 1947. The Town of New Hudson set off as the “Town of Haight” from part of Rushford town in 1825. From Town of Haight, it changed its name to New Hudson in 1837. According to history, the name Haight was originally that of militia general who irritated the citizens to the point that they decided to change the name of the town.

New Hudson’s first town meeting happened on May 3, 1825 at the house of Orange Hart. The town’s population became greatest in 1840 because of the work on the Genesee Valley canal. The Cattaraugus County bounded New Hudson in the west town line. The New York State Route 395 crosses New Hudson approximately parallel to that of Black Creek, one of Genesee River’s tributaries.

When it was first settled, a large part of the town was covered with pine timers and so a lot of these pines were burned for clearing the land. For some time, delivering lumber on the Oil Creek bank in Cuba was the only market in New Hudson after the first sawmills. The lumbers were rafted then run to Cincinnati or Pittsburgh.

Locations in town include the community of the hamlet Bellville located in the northern part of New Hudson. There is also the hamlet Black Creek where the Black Creek tributary of Genesee River flows past it and the Lyon Corners. The Lyon Corners is a hamlet at the south town line while the Marshall hamlet is at the northeast of Bellville near the north town line. Another community, Rawson, is located on the County Road 7A near the west town line.

New Hudson Town Court personnel are prohibited by law from providing you with any legal advice.  They will attempt to guide you through the process; but if you have legal concerns, you should seek the advice of counsel.

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When playing a sport, typically the more points you get, the better. However, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles issues points on your license for certain types of traffic violation convictions. And like golf, when it comes to points on your license, the less points you have, the better.

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law section 1180 deals with speed limits and sets out the consequences imposed by a court upon a conviction. The fine that a court may assess is based on the specific traffic violation stated on the ticket, the ticketed speed, and the number of previous convictions.

Some of the most common violations under the DMV point system:

Speeding (1 – 10 MPH over posted limit):3 points
Speeding (11 – 20 MPH over posted limit):4 points
Speeding (21 – 30 MPH over posted limit):6 points
Speeding (31 – 40 MPH over posted limit):8 points
Speeding (more than 40 MPH over posted limit):11 points
Reckless driving:5 points
Failing to stop for a school bus:5 points
Following too closely (tailgating):4 points
Inadequate brakes:4 points
Inadequate brakes while driving an employer’s vehicle:2 points
Failing to yield right-of-way:3 points
Violation involving a traffic signal, stop sign, or yield sign3 points
Railroad-crossing violation:3 points
Improper passing, unsafe lane change, driving left of center, or driving in wrong direction:3 points
Leaving the scene of an incident involving property damage or injury to a domestic animal:3 points
Safety restraint violation involving a person under 16 years old:3 points
Texting while driving:5 points
Any other moving violation:2 points

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It is not uncommon for an individual to attempt to defend a traffic violation by themselves without knowing the procedure and customs of the local court system. However, oftentimes a person who represents themselves risks missing important deadlines, notices, and court proceedings because they are not familiar with the court rules and legal documents involved in any given case. Without an understanding of local courtroom rules and customs, people that choose to represent themselves, due to their lack of knowledge of these rules and customs, often, unintentionally offend a judge or district attorney.



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