Randolph NY DWI and Traffic Court Attorney

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Randolph NY DWI and Traffic Court Attorney

Randolph is a town in Cattaraugus County, New York, United States.

The town of Randolph sits on a large portion of land which was originally owned by the Holland Land Company. The region was first settled around 1820. The first settler was Edmund Fuller, who arrived from Oneida County in 1820 and built a rustic log cabin, which still stands today.

The town of Randolph was formed in 1826 from part of the town of Conewango. In 1847, the town was split to form the town of South Valley.

Advantages of Hiring A Randolph NY DWI and Traffic Court Attorney

The John C. Nelson law firm receives calls from attorneys across New York State asking me to ‘cover’ a traffic ticket for him or her. This is because not all traffic tickets should or can’t be handled by mail. Most of the time, I can appear on my client’s behalf in person or even handle the matter by mail, but sometimes courts require the attorney to be present in court. For example the courts of Limestone, Perry or the Village of Ellicottville can not be handled by mail, an attorney must be present in court.

Hiring an attorney to represent your case can be very helpful is you live outside the area where you received your ticket.

When you hire a large big city national firm to appear on a traffic ticket that was issued hours away from where you received the ticket, they call a local attorney, such as the John C. Nelson law firm.

Sometimes the big city attorney calls the local prosecutor who offers a plea to a points violation instead of a parking ticket. The big city attorneys that advertise on the the TV, radio and internet are many hours away and have no interest in taking the case to trial and can’t argue motions. Since we have offices in both Cattaraugus and Erie County, we can cover a large area and represent you in many different town courts across multiple New York counties.

We know the law, the locale and can be present at the local court, when needed.

Did you receive a ticket in Randolph Town Court and need a Randolph NY DWI and traffic court attorney?

In most instances in life, the more points you get, the better it is. However, that’s not the case when it comes to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles issuing points on your license for certain types of traffic violation convictions. When it comes to a clean driving record, you don’t want any points or as few as possible. Having points on your license can increase your automobile insurance, it can prevent you from having certain jobs that requires you to drive and it could lead to license suspension or revocation.

The New York Vehicle and Traffic Law section 1180 deals with speed limits and lays out the consequences imposed by a court upon a conviction. The fine that a court may assess is based upon the specific traffic violation stated on the issued ticket, the speeding infraction, and the number of previous convictions.



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Randolph NY DWI and Traffic Court Attorney