J.C. Nelson, Esq.


In representing clients, I always take the approach to represent a client the way I would want to be represented in his or her situation. I always evaluate, research, investigate and zealously defend a case as the client requests as long as it complies with my ethical duties.

Frequently, I compare the attorney-client relationship to that of a taxi cab driver-passenger relationship. The taxi driver knows the fast roads, best routes and has the skills to get where the passenger needs to go. Like the passenger, the client decides what direction the case goes. I try to do everything in my power to get my clients to their destination.

J.P. Balikowski


As a Criminal Defense Investigator I have a duty to assist the attorney in providing a zelious and meaningful defense. To accomplish this effectively I adjust and change my investigative approach to the specific needs of each case. I view my clients as individuals and understand that having to retain an attorney is often an unnerving time in a clients life. I believe in our constitution and pride myself on being a part of the system which ensures my clients rights are guarded and protected in the same manner I would wish my own to be.

 My job entails providing the attorney and the client a reasonable view of the strengths and weaknesses of the allegations the Government must prove. I do this utilizing a variety of techniques on a case by case basis including, witness interviews, scene documentation and canvass, background checks, and verification of the proof provided by the prosecution. .   I believe strongly in a team approach which requires the guidance of the Attorney and open communication between the client, attorney and myself to give direction in a defense based investigation.  I provide the attorney the ingredients available and they determine how to mix them up and bake the cake.

C. Wells


Navigating through a legal issue can often be difficult and trying. I try to make the process as simple and painless for the client as possible. From friendly reminders to preparing documents for use in court my goal us always to make sure the client is well informed and happy with their choice in legal representation.

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